Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Filipino, English incident

Ok, all you locals out there. Let's see how good your filipino english is. Try to figure out what Benny Degoosegoose is saying in all these phrases below.

You have to remember the consonants that Filipino's
cannot pronounce and use your best slur and dialect to reveal what Benny deGoosegoose is trying to say.

"Benny, how would you use these words in a sentence?"

1. Tenacious - Bepor you go out, put your tenacious on.
2. Deposit- Call de plahmer. Deposit is leaking.
3. Splat- Oh my goodness, my tire is splat!
4. Associate- When I went to de bathroom, associate in de toilet.
5. Hostess- When de pone rings, I ask hostess?
6. Persuading- Tomorrow will be my persuading anniversary.
7. Depressed- Depressed is da one who leads mass on Sundays.
8. Deficit- Bepor you jahmp in de pool, check how deficit.
9. Statue- Oy, Pedro...Statue?
10. Penis- Bepor you go out and play, penis your homework.
11. Uno, Dos, Tres- Uno! Dos tres are burning!.
12. Chicken Nut Bread- My sista no can swim. When she jahmp in de water, chicken nut bread.

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